Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm back!

So I understand this is the first post I've done in a while, but I've turned a new leaf what can I say.

While reading a post from David Light's blog this morning he referenced an article written by Martyn Day for AEC Magazine. Below is a quote from the article. I'm amazed at how software is driving the hardware these days.

"The single model utopia also does not make sense from a hardware perspective. Depending on the software being used, BIM models get very big, very fast. David Light from HOK recently told me that the firm is stipulating 24GB of RAM for its new workstations so it can hold the Revit datasets without paging to disk on its biggest projects. This is a considerable investment. BIM simply cannot run on old machines designed for running AutoCAD or VectorWorks. Other BIM modellers are not quite so memory hungry but they still quickly start to swell as the model detail grows."

Great article...give it a read.

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