Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Plotting Concerns?

It's true, when plotting from Revit there is reason to be concerned, with the settings that is. For the most part the settings are fairly straight forward, but you should be aware of a couple that might surprise you. Make sure when plotting you know what you're plotting. In Revit you have 3 choices when it comes to the Print Range. Current Window will consider everything in the View Window regardless if you can see it or not. This means if you've set it to center the plot, you may get some weird results since Revit is trying to center everything in that view. Visible portion of current window will allow you to have other elements in the view window but the plot will be only what you see. You should understand that the plotter will try to place a border on the sheet, so you may have to zoom out a bit to get everything you want to see. Lastly, Selected views and sheets is an excellent way to plot many sheets or views from the same plot dialog. You have to be careful when using this because once you choose to use it, Revit remembers the last selection, so make sure you check none first and then select the views and/or sheets you wish to plot. If you forget, you may end up with more plots than you want. Remember this is NOT a batch plot. When plotting many sheets or views you have to wait until the plot data has been transferred to the plotter. Depending on how many sheets or views you've sent will determine how long you have to wait before being able to resume your work. If you're on subscription you'll be able to avoid this by downloading the Batch Plot utility from Autodesk. The last comment I have on plotting is, once you've set up your settings you can save them. This will allow you to choose it when you plot instead of having to reset everything every time.

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